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5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

March 1, 2022

Who among us dog-lovers hasn’t given in to throwing Fido a scrap or two at mealtime? Those big watery eyes are hard to say no to, but sometimes it’s necessary. Some foods can harm dogs and just aren’t good for them. Knowing which treats and morsels to keep away from your canine buddy can help ensure he stays healthy. Here, a veterinarian lists 6 types of foods you should never feed to your dog.

Salty, Sugary, Fatty, and High-Protein Foods

As much as Fido may want a piece of steak, a few french fries, or some of your dessert, these foods can cause him real problems. Sweets are bad for your canine companion and feeding him chocolate, in particular, can actually kill him. Salty treats throw off your dog’s electrolytes, which regulate his muscle function and help keep him hydrated. Your dog’s digestive system doesn’t process high-protein and fatty foods that well, which can cause digestive problems and even lead to liver dysfunction and pancreatitis.


Nuts have a high-fat content even though they may seem like they’d be healthy for your dog. Besides that, the compact size of nuts makes them a real choking hazard. And macadamia nuts,especially, are highly poisonous to dogs so never, ever feed them to Fido.

Dairy Products

Dairy products may have lots of calcium-boosting properties, but your dog’s digestive system doesn’t process dairy well. Eating dairy may place him at risk of developing lactose intolerance, not to mention the bouts of gas, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.


As with humans, alcohol has the same harmful effects on dogs. One big difference to keep in mind is a dog’s body is so much smaller than a human’s, so alcohol can cause serious health problems, even when ingested in small quantities. This is especially true for smaller dogs. Vomiting, breathing problems, diarrhea, coma, and even death can result if your dog has just one swallow of alcohol.

Raw Eggs

Cooked eggs go down easy for Fido so there’s little harm done except for the high-protein content. However, raw eggs are a different story. This is because raw eggs contain an enzyme that can interfere with your dog’s ability to digest biotin, a B vitamin. This can lead to skin problems, digestive problems, and an unhealthy coat.

If you have more questions about foods you shouldn’t feed to your dog or suspect he’s eaten something harmful, please don’t hesitate to call us, your local animal clinic in Waterdown, ON today.

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