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Quick Care Tips for Senior Dogs

March 1, 2019

Do you have an aging dog on your hands? Our senior canines are wonderful pets, and they need our attention, care, and love during their golden years more than they ever have. Below, your Carlisle, ON vet offers a few quick tips to make sure your senior dog stays healthy and happy.

Provide the Proper Diet

Your older dog’s nutritional needs are rather different now than they used to be when he was a puppy. That’s why it’s important that you feed Fido a high-quality senior dog food made just for the needs of aging canines. It will help keep all body systems functioning properly, and it helps to keep your dog at a healthy weight to avoid dangerous obesity. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a great diet choice for your pet.

Keep Up With Preventatives

Pests like fleas, ticks, and worms can quickly sideline your older dog’s health, and your dog is more susceptible to these problems as he ages. Keep your pooch on year-round preventative medications to ward off these pests. It’s also important that you check with your veterinarian to make sure Fido’s vaccinations are up to date; you don’t want your dog suffering from a serious illness like distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, or rabies.

Help With Grooming

While dogs’ grooming needs vary by breed, coat type, and other factors, it’s always best to help your dog in the grooming department once he’s reached senior age. It will keep your pooch looking his absolute best, and it will maintain good skin and fur health. Even a simple brushing session helps to remove loose and dead fur, and it spreads essential skin oils through the coat to moisturize it naturally. Plus, grooming sessions give you a chance to check your dog’s body for any lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities.

Modify Your Home

Consider adding a few sets of pet ramps or stairs to your home to make getting around a little easier for your older dog. Add rugs or carpet strips to slippery tile or wooden floors; it’s a great way to help Fido maintain his footing.

See Your Veterinarian

Last but not least, remember to have your dog visit the veterinarian’s office on a regular basis for examinations. Your vet will be able to keep track of your dog’s health and catch any issues early on!

Schedule your dog’s appointment with your Carlisle, ON pet clinic.

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