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Help Your Cat Lose Those Excess Pounds

December 15, 2018

Have you noticed your cat looking a little rounder lately? Many of our feline friends are overweight—nearly half, in fact! If you think your cat could stand to shed a few excess pounds, follow these tips from a Waterdown, ON veterinarian.

See Your Vet

First, make an appointment at your vet’s office to have your cat examined. Your veterinary professional will be able to confirm whether or not your cat is overweight, and what further steps may need to be taken. You and your vet will work together to develop a tailored weight-loss plan just for your cat, and from there, your cat will start to shed her extra weight.

Portion Size

In many cases, all that’s needed to help a cat start losing weight is controlling her portion size. Overfeeding is a leading cause of obesity amongst pets! Never free-feed your cat; this means leaving food out at all times for your cat to munch on as she pleases. It’s a quick path to obesity. Instead, ask your vet about an appropriate portion size for your pet, and measure out this amount of food during each meal. Remove any uneaten food after about 20 minutes or so.

Diet Choice

Sometimes, a cat’s diet simply isn’t up to par with her nutritional needs. This is especially true if your cat is receiving a “budget” food that doesn’t contain the right nutrients. Your feline friend’s diet may need to be upgraded to a premium food that suits her age and breed—ask your vet for a recommendation.


No weight loss plan is complete without exercise. Your cat will need to exercise every day in order to burn off excess calories and keep the body trim. It’s up to you to get your cat moving—have her play with a favourite toy or provide her with cat tower to entertain herself. Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet is the only way to get your cat back to a healthy weight!

Tips on Treats

Make sure not to give Fluffy too many cat treats or fatty table scraps. This is only providing her with empty calories that help her pack on the pounds. Try using treats only as the occasional indulgence, or as rewards for good behaviour.

Do you need help returning your cat to a healthy weight? We are here for you! Contact your Waterdown, ON vet clinic today.

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