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Pet Names

July 2, 2022

Did you know that Max was the most used male name for dogs in 2023? We like to see fun and funny names that people make for their pets. As it turns out, some recent studies have revealed some interesting statistics on pet names. The local vet offers some attractions below.

Top Dog

As mentioned above, Max is the number one male name for pooches. Other high scores include Buddy, Rocky, Charlie, Milo, Bear, Leo and Teddy. Of the girls, Bella was number one, followed by Luna, Lily, Lola, Lucy, Daizy, Zoe, Baila and Stella.


For our cat friends, the top female names were Lily, Lucy, Luna, Bella, Nala and Kitty. For boys, Milo, Charlie, Oliver, Leo, Max and Simba are the best choice.

Medieval Pets

Edward, Duke of York, compiled a list of 1100 hunting dog names. Some, such Troy, Whitefoot, as Sturdy, Hardy and Bo, are no longer visible today. Then there are Clenche, Bragge, Nosewise, Amiable and Filthe, who might be able to raise their eyebrows!

For our cat friends? We all know that Fluffy has led people for thousands of years. Most kittens in medieval England were named Gilbert. Across the English Channel, cats often respond to TIberas or Tibertas. Names Binisaya Binisaya.

Celebrity Pet Names

The trend of naming pets after famous people may not disappear anytime soon! The names Taylor and Taylor Swift declined in popularity in 2023. Pets named Jennifer Lopez, Aretha Franklin and A-Rod appeared on the list for the first time, along with the first cat, Doja Cat. And even though we’ve seen kittens named Oprah for a long time, it’s worth remembering that these numbers have increased in the last year.

Historic Pets

The evil Anne Boleyn has a dog named Purkoy, which is the French translation of ‘pour quoi’, which means ‘Why?’ means. One of the oldest records of a pet’s name is a record of a knight from the 14th century who had a dog named Parceval!

Choose a Name

Choosing the right name for your pet can be very difficult. Sometimes you can find the perfect name to find that it doesn’t fit your furry friend. Baby name makers can be helpful, but you can also try to find word translations that remind you of your pet’s personality, history, or appearance.

Our Advice on Pet Names

What were the most popular male and female dog names in 2023?

In 2023, the most popular male dog name was Max, leading the pack with other favorites like Buddy, Rocky, Charlie, Milo, Bear, Leo, and Teddy. For female dogs, Bella took the top spot, followed by names like Luna, Lily, Lola, Lucy, Daisy, Zoe, Baila, and Stella.

What are the top names for male and female cats?

For male cats, the top names in recent times include Milo, Charlie, Oliver, Leo, Max, and Simba. Among female felines, popular choices are Lily, Lucy, Luna, Bella, Nala, and Kitty. These names reflect a blend of traditional and contemporary preferences among pet owners.

What were common names for kittens in medieval England and France?

In medieval England, a common name for kittens was Gilbert. Across the English Channel in France, cats were often named Tibert or Tibertas. These names reflect the cultural and linguistic differences of the time while showcasing the historical bond between humans and cats.

What tips can help in choosing the right name for your pet?

When choosing a pet name, consider its ease of pronunciation and response. Reflect on your pet’s personality, appearance, and any unique traits. Experiment with names for a few days to see what fits best. Also, consider how the name will age with your pet and in public settings.

How can the local veterinary clinic in Waterdown, ON, assist pet owners?

The local veterinary clinic in Waterdown, ON, can assist pet owners by providing comprehensive health care services, including regular check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, and emergency treatment. They also offer nutrition, behavior, and overall wellness advice to ensure pets lead healthy, happy lives.

As your local veterinary clinic in Waterdown, ON, we are always here to help you! Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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