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Julie Karen ParkerJulie Karen Parker

The staff are friendly. Treat your pet like it's their own.
Thank you!

Regan N. AngelRegan N. Angel

Laura treated my old cranky cat with such kindness 😊 even when she pee'd on thier table! 😜

Gregory KingGregory King

The staff is amazing! - Very patient and gave me tips in how to make my cat's weight come down a bit. Highly recommend and thank you! 😀

Katherine ErnstKatherine Ernst

The staff are friendly. They Like animals and our dog likes them. Am new to this vet hospital but so far like what I see. Positive atmosphere! Not rushed in and out.

Jamie McGibbonJamie McGibbon

I took my dog Geordie in as he was having problems with his front paw. They clipped his nails and found that he had two nails that were fused together. I had a follow up email to see how he was doing the next day and they took the time to discuss the options to treat him. Everyone that I came into contact with was so friendly and courteous that I would not hesitate to bring any animal to the clinic. Bentley and Geordie are going in for full exams in January and from our conversations they won't miss anything in treatment for both my dogs. Highly recommend going if your animal needs attention as they will make you comfortable from the start to finish. They even had a candle going as someone was bringing in their animal as it was time to say good bye. What an awesome experience.

Jamie McGibbon

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