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Walk N Roll Day

October 2, 2022

Did you know that our furry companions are incredibly resilient? Fido can bounce back from all sorts of injuries and illnesses, even amputation and paralysis. That buoyant spirit is the reason behind National Walk n’ Roll Day, which is on September 22nd. A local vet offers some insight in this post.


National Walk n’ Roll Day got its start because of one special pup, a Dachshund named Frankie, who became paralyzed after a fall. You can read Frankie’s story in the book Frankie, The Walk ‘N Roll Dog. Though Frankie’s prognosis was grim, his owner, Barbara Techel, didn’t want to give up on him. As you can probably guess, little Frankie became a forerunner of wheelchair-bound dogs.

How Wheelchairs Help

Wheelchairs can help dogs that suffer from many different problems, including hip dysplasia, neurological issues, injuries, degenerative myelopathy (DM), paralysis and amputation. Some pups only need wheelchairs temporarily, while they recover from surgeries or injuries. Others will always need to roll around in one … literally.

Choosing Fido’s Wheelchair

While doggy wheelchairs used to be hard to come by, you can now easily order them online. Amazon even has them! There are some things to consider when picking out your furry pal’s new wheels. Some dogs only need rear wheels, while others need all four. And some pooches need their weight fully supported, while others just need a little bit of help. You can also choose from different kinds of tires. Last but not least, you’ll need to determine whether Fido needs a fully-adjustable chair or not. It’s important to make sure your pup’s chair is the correct size for him, so prepare to take lots of measurements.


Fido will likely take to his wheelchair like, well, a dog on wheels. You may find that your pooch takes off as soon as he figures out that he’s mobile again! It’s always adorable seeing how happy dogs get when they realize they can run and play once more.

Other Pets

Amazingly, Fido isn’t the only pet that can use a wheelchair. We’ve also seen them for kitties, sheep, rabbits, goats, and even turtles! If you want to help a great cause, consider helping out a charity that makes pet wheelchairs. Monetary donations are always great, but many will also appreciate just a simple signal boost on social media.

Please contact us, your animal clinic in Carlisle, ON, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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