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December 2nd Is National Mutt Day!

December 1, 2022

If you’ve been wondering what the best day of the year is, we have great news: it’s December 2nd – National Mutt Day! This special day was created to honor all those wonderful mutts out there who make our lives better every day.

Read on as a local vet talks about National Mutt Day and why mutts make great pets.

All Dogs Deserve Homes

Every dog deserves a home, no matter where they come from. Dogs are not disposable, and they don’t deserve to be left in shelters. No animal should be treated with disrespect, and compassion is the key to creating a healthy, happy relationship between you and your new canine companion.

Whether you stay at home with your kids or work full-time, owning a dog will enrich your life in so many ways—and having a furry friend around can help relieve anxiety and stress when things get tough. So now we ask: Why wait? Go adopt one today!

Concerns About Adopting a Shelter Mutt

One main reason for this special day is the fact that animal shelters are filled with mutts.

They’re the ones who haven’t been adopted since you started looking at pets online, and maybe you feel terrible for passing them by each day. You want to help, but how would a dog like that possibly fit in your home? What if they had problems or were too skittish to socialize?

But if all goes well (and it usually does), then your family has gained a new member for life—a loyal and best friend.

Mutts Are the Best!

You may think that mutts are less cuddly and cute than purebreds, but you’d be wrong! Mutts have just as much personality to offer their owners. And here are a few other special qualities that mutts have:

  • They’re more likely to thrive in different environments—they’re not as sensitive to heat/cold
  • They typically don’t require special diets
  • A mutt is more likely to be a good fit for your family than a purebred because they don’t come with all the baggage that comes with being bred by humans (so they don’t suffer from any behavioral issues)
  • Mixed breeds tend to live longer than purebreds because they’re typically healthier and more resilient
  • Their fur coats tend to require less grooming than pedigreed dogs

If you’re looking for a dog, consider adopting a mutt! These dogs are great and deserve homes just like any other dog.

Please don’t hesitate to call us, your local vet, if you have more questions about adoptions or wish to adopt a new furry family member right now!

Contact us, your local animal clinic in Waterdown, ON!

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